Optimize Specific Applications, e.g. Games & Simulations, For A 600% Performance Boost...

This example will show you how to optimize Microsoft Flight Simulator X for maximum performance.

Here's something we know your current defrag software can't do. How do we know that? Because UltimateDefrag is the only software program in the world that can.... and that is....

...it enables you to place specific applications, any application you want, onto the faster performing areas of your hard drive to give you a reduction in load time of up to 600%.

This applies to ALL programs and applications such as games, simulations and high end applications such as video and image editing software, office applications and even the Windows operating system.

Using the information outlined below, you can optimize placement of such files and applications to achieve the fastest performance possible for those applications in all 3 main Windows environments - XP, Vista and Windows 7.

As with many other UltimateDefrag features, UltimateDefrag is the only software product in the world that enables you to do this.

The raw file access performance increase compared with a non-optimized application scenario can be as much as 600%.

Here’s How It's Done.....
UltimateDefrag has a unique High Performance File Placement feature that enables you to select specific applications that you want maximum performance from and move them to the fastest performing area of your hard drive - the outer tracks.

Data transfer performance for files read from the outer tracks is double that of the files read from the inner tracks.

On top of that, placing all files closer together minimizes seek times from around 10 to 13 milliseconds to 1 or 2 milliseconds.

A classic example of a resource intensive simulation application whose performance is sensitive to file placement optimization is Microsoft Flight Simulator. The basic out of the box application installs around 40,000 files occupying around 15 Gb. During use of this application the program is constantly accessing scenery files "on-the-fly" as the user is flying cross country. Both fragmented files and random placement of files around the disk after install significantly degrades the performance of this application. After installing this application around 23,000 of the 40,000+ files are fragmented as they are copied to the hard drive during installation.

To optimize Microsoft Flight Simulator using the High Performance File Placement option within UltimateDefrag you simply need to:

1. Go into the Settings menu option, go to the High Performance section, select Select Programs, then simply check the Microsoft Flight Simulator X entry.

2. Select the Consolidate defragmentation mode. Select Respect High Performance And Complete High Performance Then Stop

3. Press Start and in around 5 to 15 minutes all files associated with this application are moved to the outer tracks.

4. The result - a 500% to 600% file access performance increase for this application.

Please understand that this High Performance File Placement procedure is a whole different routine compared to a simple defrag. Please refer to page 13 of the UltimateDefrag Manual for an explanation of while random file placement is just as degrading to performance as file fragmentation.

The beauty of UltimateDefrag is that you can use the above procedure to optimize performance of ANY application on your system. You will truly be amazed by the instantaneous performance you'll clearly experience with your applications!

Here Is The Result Of Your High Performance File Placement Optimization For This Application...

Only one software product in the world, will give you complete control over defragmentation and optimal placement of your files, programs and applications and that product is UltimateDefrag 4.

Don’t Settle For Less Than Optimal PC Performance
Sure, you can use the default FREE Windows defragger but with FREE you get what you pay for. It defrags but nothing is done to optimize hard drive performance and it certainly can’t defrag and specifically optimize specific programs and applications.

Sure, you can use another defragger from the 30 or so that are out there on the market. Some are free, some cost $10 and some cost $100. But all you’re getting with any of them are just “defraggers”. None of them enable to you defrag and specifically optimize specific programs and applications. Only UltimateDefrag 4 can do that.

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