Anti Piracy Advice

Don't risk being infected with viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware.

Only use trusted official software from software creators!

One of the most common tricks that software piracy criminals use to gain access to your PC is to offer software, via pirated software sites, that they claim to have hacked and overcome the program's licensing system. They use this lure of free software as an opportunity to install malware, spyware, and ransomware on your PC to gain access to your passwords, credit card information, steal your identity or to hold you ransom by locking up your files and demanding payment which can be $thousands of dollars. If you don't pay, your drive is wiped clean without any chance of recovering your important data, pictures, memories that you will never get back again.

Our advice - DO NOT BE TEMPTED to search for and install a "hacked" copy of UltimateDefrag. You risk what is nothing short of a totally devastating experience if you were to be infected with one of the above types of malware. It's just not worth it for the purpose of avoiding spending a small amount of money.

Interestingly, software piracy may be on the decline. Why? Because enough people have been burned and they won't risk installing a most likely infected free "hacked" version of a software product ever again. It's just not worth the potential loss and devastation a malware intrusion can impose upon your life.

On top of that, UltimateDefrag is able to detect when its runtime file has been tampered with and will not work properly. So if you did manage to find a "hacked" version, it's not going to behave the way it is supposed to. We can't tell you much more than that in order to avoid giving anything away about our solid protection system we have in place.

To be sure that you have an authentic copy of UltimateDefrag, you just need to look at the digital signature on the UltimateDefrag.exe file. Right click on the file, select Properties=>Digital Signatures and it will display information about the official DiskTrix digital signing of the file.

If there is no digital signature for DiskTrix Inc, DO NOT RUN IT!

You can check for a digital signature with all official software from official publishers who generally don't release software without a digital signature.

The other important item regarding piracy is that of support of the developers and creators who bring you the smart and clever software that you use. Software can take literally thousands of hours to develop. Especially software that breaks new ground. There's a lot of time, effort and ingenuity and importantly, it is the way the developers make their living. Software piracy is not a victimless crime especially when a lot of niche software such as UltimateDefrag is created by small teams that depend upon income for their living and to feed their families. You might feel the same if someone was stealing the envelope that contained your paycheck when you went to collect it from your employer. Paying for your software is doing the right thing.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this advice and we really hope you don't make a move that would allow any risk of intrusion into you PC by hackers claiming to be giving you a "cracked" copy of UltimateDefrag. A properly functioning "cracked" version of UltimateDefrag does not exist.