Anti Piracy Advice

Don't risk being infected with viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware.

Only use trusted official software from software creators!

One of the most prevalent methods used by software pirates to obtain access to your computer is to offer software that they claim to have hacked and bypassed the program's licensing scheme via pirated software sites. They take use of the allure of free software to install malware, spyware, and ransomware on your computer in order to steal your passwords, credit card information, and identity, or to hold you ransom by encrypting your files and demanding payment in the thousands of dollars. If you do not pay, your hard drive will remain encrypted, and you will not be able to recover any of your valuable data, images, or memories.

Our recommendation is to avoid looking for and installing a "hacked" version of UltimateDefrag. If you become infected with one of the malware varieties listed above, you are in for a total nightmare. It is simply not worth it in order to save a modest amount of money.

Surprisingly, software piracy appears to be declining. Why? Because enough individuals have been burned, they will never consider installing a potentially infected free "hacked" software package again. It is simply not worth the possible loss and destruction that a malware infection might cause.

Furthermore, UltimateDefrag can detect when its runtime file has been tampered with and will not function properly as a result. If you do manage to find a "hacked" version, it will not function properly. We can not say much more than that because we do not want to give anything away about our robust security system.

Simply examine the digital signature on the UltimateDefrag.exe file to ensure that you have an authentic copy of UltimateDefrag. Right-click the file and choose Properties=>Digital Signatures to see details about the file's official DiskTrix digital signature.

If there is no digital signature for DiskTrix Inc, DO NOT RUN IT!

All official software from official publishers, which normally do not release software without a digital signature, can be checked for a digital signature.

The support of the developers and designers who provide you the sophisticated and creative software you use is another crucial aspect of piracy. The development of software can take thousands of hours. Particularly groundbreaking software. It takes a lot of time, effort, and creativity, and it is also how the developers make a living. Piracy of software is not a victimless crime, especially when specialist products like UltimateDefrag is built by small teams who rely on income to support themselves and their families. If someone stole the envelope containing your paycheck when you went to pick it up from your job, you could feel the same way. Paying for software is the correct thing to do.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this advice, and we sincerely hope you do not do anything that puts your PC at risk from hackers claiming to have a "cracked" copy of UltimateDefrag.

A correctly functioning "cracked" version of UltimateDefrag does not exist.