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You can read through this set of pages or for a video presentation of the same material, please view the leveraging hard drive physics video on our tutorials page.

“Everything you know or have ever learned about defragmentation and defragmenting your hard drive is wrong!”

That's right.... everything you have previously learned about file fragmentation and defragmentation is wrong! Ultimate Defrag 6

Close your eyes, count to 10 and erase everything you have read, learned or think you know about defragmentation. If your brain has a delete key, press it now!

There are about 20 + other defragmentation programs out there on the market, some free, some paid, all trying to sell you on the merits of defragmenting your hard drive. Unfortunately they, and their products, are selling you short and not giving you the performance gains they are claiming.

Through these seven easy to follow Defrag 101 screens, you're going to be re-educated and learn the true objective science behind file fragmentation and how to truly improve your hard drive performance via the defragmentation process.

There is only one software product in the world that enables you to do it. It's founded upon the objective science of it all - a little bit of Pareto's Law; a little bit of thermodynamics; a little bit of angular velocity and a little bit of a few other scientific principles.

It's called UltimateDefrag.

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