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“Piecing It All Together....”

The ideal defragmentation program will leave your hard drive as follows:Ultimate Defrag 4

1. Your most frequently accessed files moved to the fastest part of your hard drive, compacted and confined

2. Your least frequently used files moved completely out of the way to the slowest performing areas of your hard drive

3. Defragment all your fragmented files

When you do this you are addressing ALL the causes of reduced hard drive performance. You are defragmenting and optimizing the entire file system as a whole.

The end result is actually greater than the sum of the parts. If we improve access times by 200% (a factor of 3), transfer rates by 50% and also include the 10% contributed by defragmenting fragmented files, the net improvement result is calculated as follows:

3 X 1.5 X 1.1 = 495%

That number is the theoretical raw hard drive read performance increase (and it's real) you'll get by defragmenting and optimizing with, and only with, UltimateDefrag.

So again... forget about everything you have previously learned about defragmentation. It's about more than just defragmenting. Only UltimateDefrag will give you the objectively best approach to defragmenting and that includes file defragmentation along with file placement optimization.

UltimateDefrag is only $29.95. A very fair price for the premier defragmentation software on the market. Please read the rest of the descriptions from the menu above to see just how much you can do with this amazing software product that we are truly proud to bring to you.


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