Why UltimateDefrag Is The World's Fastest Defragmenter


That means, less wear and tear on your hard drive, less waiting, yet
at the same time, UltimateDEFRAG arranges your files for
the fastest performance possible from your hard drive. 

You will get to enjoy using your PC with a hard drive that is
achieving 4 times average factory quoted performance,
in 1/20th of the time of a typical defrag routine!

Please read on to learn how UltimateDefrag performs its magic....

In these days of 2, 4, 6 and even 8 Tb hard drives, you do not want to or need to defragment your entire drive. Even with today's fast PC's it will still take possibly an entire day to defragment an entire 4 Tb drive, even more.

You don't want to be doing that. Now, while you certainly can defragment your entire hard drive with UltimateDefrag, you don't need to. All you need to worry about defragmenting, and optimally positioning, are your most frequently used files. That's all that really counts and that is where the true benefit of defragmenting with UltimateDefrag comes into play.

Pareto's Rule says that 80 % of the time you only access the same 20% of the files on your hard drives. 90% of the time it is only 10% of the same files, over and over again.

UltimateDefrag automatically knows which files you use the most and it lets you select only those files for defragmentation and most importantly moving them to the fastest performing tracks of your hard drive.

If you focus on only the files you used in the past 30 days or even the fastest 5% of your hard drive, UltimateDefrag will select those files only and move them to these fastest outer tracks of your hard drive. So it's only dealing with 5 to 10% of the files on your hard drive. Again, that's all that matters!

You simply don't need to defragment a file that you only used once over 1 year ago. If it is fragmented, leave it on your hard drive fragmented. It is not going to affect your performance at all.

Of course you can defragment your entire drive with UltimateDefrag (and with more advanced options than you care to imagine) but you don't need to. Just concentrate on your most frequently used files. Even on a 4 Tb drive this will only be about 80 Gb of data. Once you do the first defrag, that might take an hour or so, after that daily maintenance defragmentation runs are complete in anywhere from just 3 to 10 minutes. Not hours like other defragmenters.

So UltimateDefrag keeps your PC with a mechanical hard drive performing at it its peak with only 3 to 10 minutes a few times a week and even on a daily schedule if you like. 

As far as we know, UltimateDefrag is the only defragmentation software in the world that can keep your PC performing at peak performance with just a few minutes of defragmentation each time you run it. That's minimal wear and tear and minimal time spent defragmenting for the fastest performance possible. That's 4 times (400%) the performance of what the factory quotes you would expect with a non-optimized hard drive and again in 1/20th of the time of a typical defrag.

UltimateDefrag NAILS IT when it comes to the optimal approach to defragmentation for fastest hard drive performance possible. 

The default Windows defrag comes free with the operating system. Remember, you get what you pay for and being free it only does the minimum work necessary. It defragments but that is where it ends. UltimateDefrag also optimizes your file layout for maximum performance possible from your hard drive.

Use the High Performance section to choose the criteria for which data you want the highest performance from. Just select automatic and UltimateDefrag selects the files and moves them to where it counts - the fastest performing outer tracks. Notice here that we are only selecting the 5% most frequently used data. These are the same files that you use over and over on a daily basis and all that really matters.