UltimateDefrag - Brief Overview

Okay... so you want to optimize your hard drive performance...

Important Hard Drive Performance Facts

Performance Fact #1: Data that sits on the outer tracks of your hard drive is transferred to your computer's memory and processor at a rate that is 180% to 240% that of data that sits on the inner tracks.

Performance Fact #2: The more that hard drive heads have to move around your hard drive to access files, the longer it takes to access those files - regardless of the fragmentation level.

Performance Fact #3: Hard drive file usage follows the 80/20 rule i.e. 80% of the time you only use 20% of your files. UltimateDefrag uses those 3 performance facts to squeeze every millisecond of performance from your hard drive through customizable file placement and simultaneous defragmentation.

Make sure you read our Defrag 101 pages in order to understand the entire story about defragmentation. The mere defragmentation of fragmented files is only 10% of the performance equation as it relates to file fragmentation.

UltimateDefrag Gives You Total Control Over File Placement

UltimateDefrag is not just a file defragmenter. More specifically, it's a file placement optimizer.... the world's only file placement optimizer. UltimateDefrag gives you 6 defragmentation methods with multiple options that give you hundreds of combinations for positioning files on your hard drive for optimum performance. No other defrag software gives you this.

There are numerous ways and criteria by which you can select files. The archive feature places files you rarely use out of the way to the slower inner tracks of your hard drive so they don't compete with your frequently used files for the faster areas of your drive. This maximizes seek confinement resulting in much faster file access. You can place directories right next to the MFT resulting in fastest directory access possible while seeking files.

World's Most Powerful Boot Time System File Defrag Module

UltimateDefrag boasts the world's only boot time defrag module that lets you defragment and customize the optimal placement of your system files such as your Master File Table (MFT) and your swap file. There is no other way to do this, not with any other software on planet earth, except with UltimateDefrag.

UltimateDefrag Extracts Every Millisecond Of Performance Out Of Your Hard Drive

When your hard drive is optimized with UltimateDefrag, you will achieve file access performance up to 400% that of manufacturers quoted average performance for your hard drive and up to 600% of what you may be currently achieving if your hard drive is badly fragmented and disorganized.

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For just $29.95, you have a utility that is incredibly unique and more powerful than other defragmenters that are double the price.

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UltimateDefrag - Now That's Some Amazing Trix!

If you aren't ready to order yet and want to explore the program's powerful features in detail, then you can go ahead and access all the sales information and even try the trial version. For an in-depth look at all the features of UltimateDefrag, please click here.

* 400+% is an estimated figure. Since hard drives already have built in performance enhancing logic and the Windows OS has performance enhancing code such as buffering, caching, prefetching - you will not actually experience a 300% increase in your current performance. You will experience 300%+ that of the quoted average performance for the drive. We estimate that you will experience between 30% and 100% improvement in the performance you are currently achieving compared to a non-optimized state. What you will achieve is the fastest performance currently possible from your hard drive for your particular system