Wholesale/Reseller Accounts

If you are a reseller of software or a repair or performance tuning technician who may wish to sell and install a licensed version of UltimateDefrag to your customers, then we invite you to register a wholesale account and you will be able to purchase UltimateDefrag for a 40% discount off retail price which provides you a healthy margin on licenses that you resell. You will need to purchase a minimum of 3 licences at a time to enjoy the 40% discount.

To create a wholesale account with Disktrix simply follow these steps:

1. Register an account (top right hand of screen)

2. Send an e-mail to sales@disktrix.com informing us that you created an account and wish to apply for a wholesale account. In your e-mail, please provide documentation that proves that you are a registered business or corporation. This can be any one of a business license, sales tax certificate, articles of incorporation and include a website address or if you do not have an online presence, a business card or other documentation indicating your trading address.

3. Please then allow 24 hours for us to process and create your wholesale account.

4. We will then send you a message when we have done so and you will be all set to purchase and enjoy your 40% discount (minimum of 3 licenses/units) per order.

5. When you resell your licenses to your customers, you merely need to provide them with the installer and license number or if you install on their system ensure that you activate the license with their desired e-mail address. Also provide them with a copy of the license number.

That's all you need to do. We look forward to having you onboard as an UltimateDefrag reseller.