UltimateDefrag V6 Change Log

Here are the new features implemented at every build.

IMPORTANT: Unless otherwise indicated, you DON'T need to uninstall the previous build. Just run the installer and it will replace appropriate files.

File date: 4 July 2021
Release date: 28 July

  1. Defragmenting files using the Windows shell now shows count of files remaining and fragments remaining
  2. Upgrade version number of Boot time to be in sync with program version to avoid user confusion.
  3. Minor tweaks and enhancements.

File date: 21 Apr 2021
Release date: 7 May 2021

  1. GUI now counts amount of data moved during defrag process. This is ideal for use during simulation to gauge how much data the program will move for the defrag being simulated.
  2. Minor tweaks and enhancements.

File date: 28 Sep 2020
Release date: 23 November 2020

  1. Minor tweaks and enhancements.

Note: .exe build is
11 September 2020

  1. Corrected some issues with handling of HP files
  2. Improved statistical handling in TFU database

File date: 16 Feb 2020
Release date: 20 June 2020

  1. Corrected some issues with handling of HP files

13 Dec 2019

  1. Improvement You can now exclude files in Recycle Bin from going into HP Zone

  2. Re-added additional functions to cluster viewer fly out panel - Open containing folder, highlight this file

8 Dec 2019

  1. New Feature - SmartCompress™ Command line utility that allows you to SmartCompress entire drive. From Command Prompt enter SmartCompress /? for options.

  2. New Feature Resource Usage now enables you to control disk I/O priority as well as processor usage

  3. Improvement You can now exclude files in Recycle Bin from going into High Performance Zone.

  4. Updates to Help file.

10 Nov 2019

  1. New Feature - Ability to SmartCompress™ entire volume with just one setting under Space method

  2. Several bug fixes including:
    Fixing session cleanup where consecutively run defrag would cause defragmentation to behave incorrectly
    Timer would continue when cancel selected during preparation phase
    Occasional program not responding when some directories encountered during folder optimization relative to MFT

20 Oct 2019

  1. Added option to persist scheduled jobs dialog action
  2. Added option to persist scheduled jobs dialog method
  3. UI improvements in scheduled jobs dialog
  4. Fixed bug where selecting a defrag method in scheduled dialog would result in a different method being applied.

17 Oct 2019

  1. Corrected bug in file compression handling

6 Oct 2019

  1. Actions After Defrag now remembers settings.
    Tools=>Actions After Defrag 

  2. Fixed long delay in preparing files for compression when compression options are set in High Performance file selection.

30 Sep 2019

  1. Fixed simulation mode so that it doesn't unnecessarily simulate file compression

  2. Ability to import and export settings
    Tools=>Import Settings & Tools->Export Settings

21 Sep 2019

  1. Holding Control Key while pressing stop stops after the file being defragmented is finished. Stop on its own stops defragmentation immediately.

  2. Added the option to display High Performance and Archive files in legend colors after analysis of the drive

25 Aug 2019

  1. Added option to enable/disable shell extensions (context menu in Windows Explorer)
    Settings=>More=>Enable Windows Explorer extensions

  2. Hitting F12 during boot time defrag activates logging

  3. USB Keyboard support during boot time defrag

  4. Logging now occurs in memory while processing system disk

  5. More comprehensive boot time defrag logging

18 Aug 2019

  1. Do not fail disk speed estimation if the result cannot be  saved

  2. Fixed bug where not all disk information is  detected

  3. If analysis fails a message box recommending chkdsk  appears.

  4. The boot time tool is now able to log

  5. Added verification conditions to the boot tool to prevent  crashes

3 Aug 2019

  1. Default cluster viewer zoom option set to smallest block size

  2. Corrected an issue where the program would not launch in Windows XP

29 July

  1. Improved the SSD detection algorithm

  2. Fixed bug where some files won't be defragmented on large volumes

  3. Fixed data types in boot time defrag module.

  4. Fixed bug where boot time would fail if drive letter was lower case

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